Writer’s Digest Competition 2022
Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Plot, Story, or Topic Appeal:
This book has some unique elements and will appeal to fans of Biblical era stories who are open to alternative interpretations.

Character Appeal and Development:
This book is exemplary in character appeal (or interest) and development. All main characters (including antagonists) are unique and fully fleshed out with compelling, layered motivations and traits. Secondary characters are unique and have a meaningful purpose. The characters are well developed. He uses dialogue well to flesh out the main characters. Secondary characters are given enough space for the reader to understand their motivations and actions.

Voice and Writing Style:
He includes enough historical details to give the reader a real sense of the era without coming across as too pedantic. The story moves steadily forward. The drawings and maps are a nice touch and add to the overall experience. This book is adequate in its voice and writing style.

Structure, Organization, Pacing:
This book is satisfactory in its structure, organization, and pacing. Some improvement in at least one of these areas could be made to improve the reader’s experience. The writing is wordy. The text often comes across as flat because of abundant telling and passive voice. There may be unique elements, but the elements are deployed inconsistently and might stray from conventions of the book’s intended genre.

Production Quality and Cover Design:
This book is exemplary in production quality and cover design. The physical materials, printing, and binding are of professional quality and traditional industry standards. The typesetting and page layout (including illustrations, images, or figures) are easy to follow, thoughtfully designed, and error free. The cover appears to be professionally designed and is compellingly related to the content/genre of the book.