The Reverend Billy Williams was given the translation of the ancient scrolls by a trusted source at the Vatican Apostolic Archive.

Reverend Williams assembled and compiled the contents of the scrolls into a modern printable fashion.

The words of Mariam of Magdala and Judas Iscariot were not changed.

Their story, of their lives, and the life of Yeshua the Nazarene, are in their Gospels.

Finally, after 2,000+ years, the truth is told.

Billy Williams came of age during the turbulent late 1960’s. It was a time of Hippies and Yippies. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll. Peace, Love, War, Harmony and Rage.

This is his story. From Woodstock to Vietnam. From New York City to Los Angeles and points in between. As the Reverend Billy Williams, he was the founder of the Unitive Mission, where he searched for the Truth.

Years after his death, in his collection of files, research and writings, was found the translated scrolls written by Mariam of Magdala and Judas Iscariot.

Reverend Williams work of arrangement and compilation to take those scrolls to publication was complete, but his life was cut short before that was done.

To see the publication of The Lost Gospels of Mariam and Judas would have been Reverend Billy Williams’ completion of a life-long journey in his Search for the Truth.


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